Elen Flügge

Elen Flügge (born 1986 in Berlin, grown up in New York) is a writer and sound artist. In New York she studied Music and Neuro-Philosophy at the Bard College. In 2011 she completed her Master’s degree at the UdK Berlin where she specialized in Auditory Culture (Sabine Sanio) and Experimental Sound-Design (Sam Auinger). Site- and context-specific installations show her involvement with audio-media culture.

Present works are: a multiple-room-composition for the performance cooperation Lost in Postpoetry; immersive audio-scenographic work for the Musical Blaubart, as part of the group Theatersonics; White Chair Project, a dual, site-specific work for public transitional places as well as hear here, an urban intervention in a collective sound space (in cooperation with Thomas Koch and Damian Rebgetz). Her article The Consideration of Personal Sound Space has been published in the Journal of Sonic Studies.

Opens external link in new windowwww.personalsoundspace.com

Work: Opens internal link in current windowBraunschweiger Sound Space