klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2012 presents the idea of discussing the audible quality of our everyday environment through the works of ten young and very good artists.
We go through the world with open ears; they cannot be closed like eyes to elude what would be otherwise perceived. One needs to shut his or her ears with hands to exclude the sounds of the world. Hearing is inevitable – we even hear when we sleep. But rarely do we in fact listen to the sounds around us and differentiate them. If we try to imagine the sounds surrounding us now and once, we will quickly notice that our audio cosmos consists of so much more than the tram sound, church bells and other significant signals. We will also notice that sounds have emotional connotations; this also shapes our auditory perception.


The thematic focus and the selection of artists results from a cooperation of the Allgemeiner Konsumverein and the experienced and internationally known artist curator Sam Auinger.
Ten sound artists from Australia, Great Britain, the USA, Japan, Venezuela, Austria and Germany come together for klangstaetten | stadtklaenge. Most of them found their way to experimental sound art through classic musical education as instrumentalist or composer.
This for instance explains their sensitive awareness for surrounding sounds.



We are fortunate that the artists, although they are currently working on projects all over the world, have a base in Berlin or Braunschweig. All participants are going to present interventions, audible and visible, in the public space of our district between brothel and monastery. Starting point for the interventions is the place as it is with its sounds, inhabitants, traces of history and architecture. Their works will be interconnected and make another, collective work.
The young artists are leaving a mark in the district and the city with explorations, actions, performances, workshops and audiowalks. Showing their works during the festival period, they will also interact with the public and find out how they experience the sounds of their city.