Drei Lüftungsschächte (Three Air Shafts)

Shafts, wire, containers shape our urban landscapes. They often belong to what we try to ignore visually. Often they can be found in hidden corners, unreachable heights or depths, if they don’t represent any danger, we don’t have to see them. But we even don’t want to see them, because they degrade for instance the beautiful image of valuable house fronts. Usually, they are not noticeable acoustically or we subordinate their sounds to the city’s general hissing. Only with dominating silence do they come up, heard through a blank space – ex negativo so to say.

Also with a disturbance of the general hissing, with the change of sound, we notice the single tones of for example different air conditions.

Heiko Wommelsdorf noticed those functional shafts and flaps in the area around brothel and monastery, striking was to him the air shaft at the car park at Wallstraße as well as the ones near the passage of Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße, in the courtyard between the banking centre and Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße and finally in the yard of apotheca at Hutfiltern.

There, the almost minimalist artist created an installation out of this sound experience: from three air shafts again recordings of air shafts can be heard. The tone pitch is arranged so that a triad arises, a chord attracts the attention.

What we find here is a space where familiar sounds develop and finally surprise us with their variation.

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