Installation with Gongs

in the church of St. Aegidien

The church of St. Aegidien, with all its reflecting and reverberant sounds represents an ideal space for the diffusion and development of tones.

The listener can feel how a tone spreads, how it evolves and how it elapses. The space is an equivalent to what forms the sound in a music instrument: the resonating body. The gong is an idiophone, an instrument creating sound through the oscillation of its whole body. A certain technique, including the use of a loud speaker, enables the gong to oscillate without being hit. This is how the gong develops certain overtones that could not be achieved through the conventional way of playing the instrument.

The ruminant, bassy sound base that emerges has more or less overtones depending on the energy input. The listener’s position in the church contributes to how he hears the tone – to his individual sound experience. And the expanding sound waves can even be perceived physically. Opens internal link in current windowmore

St. Aegidien

daily 10AM – 5PM, except during service

artist: Opens internal link in current windowPhillip Kullen