Braunschweiger Sound Space

Braunschweiger Sound Space’ is an auditive investigation of urban territories at the border between public and private use.

The project makes use of different research techniques like interviews or surveys and, in contrast to that, ‘objectifying’ technical measurements.

From all these different perspectives of hearing, Elen Flügge has drawn a concentrated profile of the sound space. Next to a graphic depiction, an artistic interpretation of the data will constitute the base for another site-specific work. Data and opinions make an installation which represents the investigated sound space in material. Residents will find a collective feedback of their sound environment, visitors can gather an insight into personal sound spheres in Braunschweig.

Allgemeiner Konsumverein / Braunschweiger Künstlerhaus

Monday to Sunday 10AM – 8PM

artist: Opens internal link in current windowElen Flügge