klangstaetten | stadtklaenge - Braunschweig

The urban space is reflected upon in many ways – gentrification, urbanization, mobility and building activity are just a few key terms to be named. We perceive the city and we enliven the city. Identification with a city can also be evoked by artistic strategies, in the case of Braunschweig e.g. by klangstaetten | stadtklaenge.

klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2012 focuses especially on the sound environment of Braunschweig.



klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2012 concentrates on young artists just beginning their careers. They have international backgrounds, won scholarships and prizes. In Braunschweig, they come together and concentrate their work on the specific sites.

The focus on ‘Start Ups’ from the sound arts can be seen as a continuation of Braunschweig’s innovative past as well as its innovative present.

Those ‘Start Ups’ represent potential and also freshness when it comes to exploring history and geography of the urban space. They engage in questions. Whatever they come across, they let us participate on the new and on what might come.



klangstaetten | stadtklaenge means:

- exploring the urban space
- support of young art
- international art in Braunschweig
- extension of art projects concerned with public spaces in Braunschweig

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