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How does our city sound? How do we position ourselves through hearing? What is silence, what is noise?

If we follow the sound artists’ interpretations and adoptions, we will hear differently ourselves and experience the city and our environment anew.

In addition to that, klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2012 offers a diversified educational program.

In guided tours – public or reserved – art pedagogues will accompany you on a route linking the different artistic works and offering new experiences through sound art.

Public workshops will give you the possibility to explore the quarter of klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2012 and its sounds on your own and introduce you to the meanings of sound art.

Together with Claudia Becker and Rodrigo Maltez Novaes from the Opens external link in new windowVilém Flusser Archive Berlin, you can take part in an evening on the topic of perception, hosted by the HBK Braunschweig.

The artists themselves will go to school and together with the pupils explore language, silence, noise, oscillations and resonance.

The pupils will discover the artistic works of klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2012. Their resulting ideas in the field of sound and their own experiments of seeing and thinking with one’s ears, can be seen at the Allgemeiner Konsumverein from 19th to 21st October – we will see and hear.

Next to cooperations with different schools, we offer guided tours and impulses to school classes.

In the framework of art education at schools, the Allgemeine Konsumverein has released a publication: Anna Mutz, klang | kunst | schule, Rheinbeck 2012, ISBN 3944802533, as e-book 978-3844802535. You can buy it at Allgemeiner Konsumverein or Opens external link in new windowonline.

Public guided tours and workshops will not be charged, but the workshops demand registration.

Booked tours cost 5 Euros per person, minimum 25 Euros.

Guided tours for school classes cost 1 Euro per person.

Registration at 0176 80142728

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